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What is Life Coaching?

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a process that braces coach and client as partners and collaborators towards the client's goal, whether that be a specific project or a much-needed insight into the unfolding of their professional or personal life.

A professional Life Coach will have adequate training to determine what questions to ask to help untangle the knots and roadblocks that have you at a standstill, or perhaps whirling in circles around a decision or a next step.

Life Coaches approach each client and each session knowing that the client is the master of their life, that they have the answers and resources within them to move forward with their plans and – most importantly – with their life. What they need are the right questions, and the non-judgmental space to process their thoughts, be deeply listened to, and be challenged when necessary. Life Coaching also offers exercises, perspectives and shifts to allow the client to see the issue from a bird's eye view and, when necessary, to zoom in on a specific area where they have become stuck. This allows them to take the steps and make the changes required to move forward. Often, the ability to do this in one area of their life spills over into the others, allowing them to find the balance that is right for them.

A certified and credentialed Life Coach has the necessary listening skills to hear more than just what is being expressed openly. It is through this third-level listening that a coach can present the client with the next right question, exercise or tool.

When do clients turn to Life Coaches?

Often, clients turn to Life Coaches when they are having difficulty separating logic from emotion. Both spectrums are needed for navigating through life, but knowing how much of each to employ, and where, can be the crucial balance when walking through adversities. Clearing the clutter from our minds, while tapping into the right emotion and mindset for each task, project or life situation, fuels us to step into who we need to be at each juncture of life. Coaching provides the space to find, define and maintain this balance for oneself.

Clients also often turn to coaching when they are TIRED: tired of trying to figure it all out on their own and tired of seeing themselves in a negative and self-sabotaging state, to the point of burnout! Overworking any area of our being, be it body, mind or heart, is a sure route to physical, mental and emotional burnout. Within the frame of Life Coaching, coach and client work together to find the harmony in all three areas, to define the client's values and to make adjustments according to who they are as an individual in their own life.

Life Coaching is an invitation to explore and pursue various solutions, possibilities, and opportunities to better ourselves and our lives. What holds us back is often self doubt, and hiding behind our need to express ourselves. If you are feeling stuck, in knots about a situation, or tired of figuring it all out alone, reach out!

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