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My name is Taline Tarpinian and I am a certified Life Coach, specializing in burnout recovery and the in between periods of life transitions with deep exploration of who you are becoming with each new epoch in you life.


I am an introvert, for the most part, with a flare for outdoor activities. I love deep conversations, as well as light musings. I adore literature and find great joy in reading, writing poetry and prose, and researching – that's what you'll often find me doing in my free time.


However, there came a point in my life when that was no longer who I was… The pressures of the corporate world to hit targets and achieve goals, and long working hours for financial gains, started to bury my true identity under layers of stress that gradually became unbearable. Day by day, I was pushed towards an identity that I thought I longed for but that had nothing to do with who I truly am, regardless of the titles and perks that came along with it. I had no idea that during this time of total dedication to achievement – both mine and others’ – I was setting myself up for a severe physical and emotional burnout and a self I could barely recognize.


For the last six years, I have dedicated my Life Coaching practice to this epidemic of burnout and exhaustion that seems to be continuously on the rise.  I am a Certified Professional Coach (ECPC) with ICF (International Coach Federation) approved Coach Training. I continuously collaborate with mentors and coaching professionals in all areas of specialty to bring my clients the right resources, tools and processes to move them forward and help them live a life aligned with their true values.


It is my purpose to continue serving my clients to elicit their truest selves, helping them to achieve a harmonious balance within so that it spills over into all areas of their lives.

Taline Tarpinian




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