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Retreat and Workshop

Friday June 7th to Sunday June 9th, 2019

- Are you experiencing personal or professional burnout?

- Have stress, overwhelm and anxiety taken over your life?

- Do you feel like you have lost your sense of self?

- Are you needing to feel rested and refreshed?


       ~ come meet your wholeness ~


                       Join our


  Return To Self Retreat


This retreat is designed to help you to:

- Reconnect with your self

- Hear your inner voice

- Connect to your body's wisdom

- Access and expand your Emotional Intelligence


This retreat offers you:

- A peaceful place surrounded by nature for you to introspect.

- A space for you to find some answers; the very ones that you almost hear but somehow see them drown in the stresses and responsibilities of everyday life.

- Guided workshop with Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness tools.

- Be time, so you can feel rested and supported to find, hear, and speak your inner truth.


The aim of this retreat is to gently awaken you to your true self. To help you gain new perspective and ground, to cope with or change that which hinders you from truly blooming.  


Retreat dates:

 Begins: Friday June 7th,  4pm

 Ends: Sunday June 9th,  2pm



Retreat facilitator:

Taline Tarpinian - Burnout Prevention and Recovery Coach

Price per person includes: 2 nights accommodations, 6 meals, group workshops. 

Prices: See three price points below.




$457 CAD per person

(if booked after March 31)

Early Bird

$397 CAD per person

(if booked by March 31)


Bring a Friend

$357 CAD per person


KIO-O, Centre de ressourcement et de créativité

Accommodation: Private room or shared room for two 

Meals: 6 vegetarian meals 

Guided workshop

Breathtaking nature and hiking trail

Address: 1905 Chemin 6e Rang,

Sainte-Lucie-des-Laurentides, QC J0T 2J0

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